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Suomen Autolehti magazine

The magazine for automotive engineering, car and truck sales, repair shops, car refinishing, spare parts, diesel, tires.

Suomen Autolehti is the leading trade magazine of the automotive branch in Finland.


Suomen Autolehti magazine is published by Autotieto Oy. Its shareholders are the Association of Automotive Societies in Finland (Suomen Autoteknillinen Liitto ry) and The Finnish Central Organisation for Motor Trade and Repairs (Autoalan Keskusliitto ry).

The professional magazine for the automotive industry

Suomen Autolehti is an independently published professional magazine for the Finnish automotive industry, distributed by subscription. The magazine is targeted on professionals working within the technical and commercial areas of the industry. The magazine is published 10 times a year, on the first weekday of each month, except during the summer break in July and August.

The magazine discusses automotive technology, car repair technology, car painting, sales of cars, spare parts and accessories, changes in relevant legislation, and issues related to business management and corporate finance. Professional issues of the field are given extensive attention. The articles are very thorough, and current news items are also dealt with. The magazine serves as a tool for further and supplementary training in the field.

Circulation 8,800 copies

The circulation of Suomen Autolehti is based on three main groups of readers. The largest group consists of members of the technical associations. They are mainly automotive engineers and technicians who often are employed in managerial and supervisory positions in the after-sales sector of the industry.

Another group of readers is formed by members of the Central Organization of Motor Trade and Repairs with its affiliated associations. Through this branch the magazine gains an extensive readership among top management in the automotive trade and in the sector of small and specialized car repair shops as well as car paintshops organized in the various associations.

The third group is readers directly subscribing to the magazine. The typical subscribers of this group are car repair shops and spare part shops.


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Publishing timetable 2018

  Date for Complete Publishing Special theme
  insertion material date  
January 14.12. 18.12. 2.1.

February 18.1. 22.1. 1.2.  
March 15.2. 19.2. 1.3. Body repair, car refinishing
April 16.3. 20.3. 3.4.  
May 17.4. 19.4. 2.5. Heavy vehicles
June 18.5. 22.5. 1.6.  
September 20.8. 22.8. 3.9. Financing
October 17.9. 19.9. 1.10.  
November 18.10. 22.10. 1.11. Automechanika
10 December 19.11. 21.11. 3.12.  


Advertising rates 2018 (euro):


4 colour

2/1 p.

3520 e

1/1 p.

2285 e

1/2 p.

1540 e

1/3 p. horizontal

1155 e

1/4 p.

920 e

1/8 p.

495 e

1/16 p.

250 e


Typical pull-outs (paper max 130 g/m2):

4-page pull-out

2900 e + technical costs


1650 e + technical costs


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Contact information

Editorial offices
Köydenpunojankatu 8
FIN-00180 Helsinki
Tel. +358-9-6944 807, 

Email for press releases:

Chief editor
Mr. Petteri Räsänen
Tel. +358-9-6944 033,

Sales of advertising space
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